Hope you had a great day, and not just because it was a special day for you. I ask all my friends…why is there a need to celebrate a special women’s day? Is this the state of the world we’re living in, that we have to reserve a special day in March to respect women…why do we not celebrate women’s day everyday?!

Personally speaking I did not have that many female friends when I was younger. But coming here , to college , I have made quite a bit of female friends . And I am alarmed and enraged by the stories they tell me everyday. Women empowerment is a serious issue, whether we choose to accept it or not. But the real question lies is why have we even let the situation get this serious to have an agenda to “empower” women? Are they not our equals ? Do they not deserve the same chance that men get for education, jobs, enjoyment…basically for everything in life? Why does a woman have to think twice before leaving her house in the evening ? I am assured that all my friends who read this are open-minded enough to not discriminate women…but not all in the society have such a way of thinking.

We always accuse people from rural areas for such a way of thinking . But that is a very sad misconception . Education is reaching the smallest and the farthest corners of our country. It is the darkness within oneself that causes such a thinking . Find a path into the light . The rest of the world is there to help you . A lot of people do believe in gender equality ! But the world views us only through the image a scarce few have put up in their minds.

Our very first interaction with a human being is that with a woman! Our Mother! The true embodiment of sacrifice. She toils for us day and night, so that we remain happy.. so that we remain comfortable. Do you not think that she deserves respect everyday of her life? I Love my mother very much , but this respect and care should not just stop within our family!

So taking a line out of a very beautiful video I’ve seen,I’ll say, start with yourself , “Be the change you want to see in this world “ .. and build up from there!

I am sincerely grateful to all those women who have made my life wonderful ! Words cannot define how much you mean to me . Leo Tolstoy once said “Nothing is so necessary for a man as the company of intelligent women! “ And I feel lucky to say , that I’ve struck a gold mine in this case .

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